WMA POLAND is a multilingual company (Polish, French, English and Arabic). We realize worldwide essentially Web sites since 2005. However, our references also links to design and printing, games and Android applications and we are open to other technologies: Learning is our passion.

Our vision is to satisfy our customers, you have “carte blanche”. We promise to optimize our prices to let you smile while remembering WMA POLAND.

Akademickie Inkubatory Przedsiebiorczosci
Startup : WMA POLAND Email:
Tel: +48 509 909 283
Address WMAPOLAND: 4A Górnośląska street, level 1, Warsaw, POLAND
Incubator address : ul. Piekna 68 , 00-672 Warszawa
NIP: PL5242495143
REGON: 015690013




Due to our experience during 10 years and having completed over 50 projects, we developed a special approach as a service to our customers:
  1. We organize meeting in your office to specify requirement
  2. We think about an appropriate solution to satisfy all your demands
  3. We offer a clear plan and ideas to speed up your income and reduce your expenses.
  4. We realize everything from A to Z
  5. We provide you support and updates at low prices



Tel: +48 509 909 283
Address: 4A Górnośląska street, level 1, Warsaw, POLAND
Opening hours: from monday to friday, hours 9:00-17:00